Do you know how many decisions we make during a day? Thousands! The same happens when we make, produce and mix music – we make thousands of little decisions during the process and every single time we hope we do the right ones, right? 


Now I am here to help you to succeed, progress and achieve your personal goals in only 4 months. I offer a professional coaching program that will take you not only to another level as many people say, but will educate you how you will stay successful and focused for the rest of your life! The easiest, fastest and safest way to see real proven results is not by watching courses, reading books and wasting hours on Google to find information that might be right for you. No. The easiest, fastest, safest and most importantly effective way to see and hear results with your music productions is by booking a coach that will take your hand and guide you through an overwhelming process. I am pretty sure that this overwhelming process is the reason why you are reading these lines, and the reason why it is holding you back to achieve your goals that you wished you already had years ago! 


So stop wasting your time on the internet looking for ways how to produce better music. The problem is not that you can't produce better music, the issue is often a lack in experience what to focus on and what the biggest impact to real success. I am here to help you to find the answers for your questions. That's the biggest power of working with a coach and mentor. When I work with people, I watch them over the shoulder and see what weaknesses and lacks they have. I can immediately react on that issue and change it to it's better. Think of it as a "driving school". If you feel that you have no clear answers to your personal issues there is no reason to wait another two years trying to fix it on your own, as in most cases this won't result in what you expect. Take action now and apply for my 16-Week Music Production Transformation Program to book your first free-call with me. To do so, please click on the button below.


i applied for your coaching program, what happens next?

That was already your first step to success! I will review your application and will tell you if and how I can help you.

what do you cover in your 16-week coaching program?

We cover the topics and work on your problem areas, as the program is 100% designed to your personal needs! That's the beauty of a coaching. You tell me what your needs and wishes are, and then we create a program together how we can get rid of your issues as fast and as effective as possible!

for whom is this coaching program designed?

My music production transformation training was created for everyone who doesn't see any noticeable results with their music, even after reading books, taking online courses, watching countless YouTube videos, etc.. It was created for those people as well who can't work with online courses or can't motivate themselves to work with them. Yep, there are a lot of people who bought courses but don't even start, or start but quit after the first section. My training was created for those people too, who don't want to waste money and time on extra books, courses, Google, YouTube, etc. and want to see much faster and better results with their tracks. This coaching program was created for those people too, who want to feel special, want to be heard and want a personal connection to someone who cares about their personal needs. 


"OMG thank you so much for this feedback, [...]. I've got feedback on tracks over the years [...], some free, some paid, some just friends and people I know in the audio industry but this has to be the most detailed and well laid out and informative feedback especially for a mix I've received so far. It's really helpful and informative. I like the way you've broken it down into sections. [...]. Again thank you for putting so much time and effort in - really do appreciate it."

(Phil Jones, Composer, UK)

"Wow man, this is some serious, high-quality response. Thank you so much! I love how detailed you got and described all the potential scenarios that I'm looking for. Thank you again!"

 (Mirza Aljic, Composer, USA)

"Alexey, thank you so much for your help!"

 (Romain Quessaud, Composer, Australia)