What People Say.

"I'm ecstatic about Alexey. What makes him special to me is his desire to make the movie the best movie it can be. He was always fully concentrated, had an eye for everything and his suggestions made the film a better film. Professionally and personally I felt him to be a very pleasant colleague and human to work with. (Gregor Voigt, Film Director, Germany)


"Punctual, responsible and extremely open to cooperation. Possesses outstanding hearing, rhythm and is really creative. I really recommend every kind of cooperation with this guy!" (Bojan Radojevic, Sound Technician, Montenegro)


"Alexey is a great sound engineer with a feel of musicians problems. I hope we will work in future again." (Milan Petrovic, Keyboarder, Serbia)


"He understands music and sound more than deeply and knows how sound should be. If you want to hear high quality sound, just let him do it, it is always beyond!" (Kangjun Lee, Live Sound Engineer, South Korea)


"Die Zusammenarbeit mit Alexey war ausgezeichnet, besser geht es nicht. Ich konnte mich jederzeit auf ihn verlassen. Auch wenn es mal stressig wurde, ist er ruhig geblieben und hat diese Situation gemeistert. Ich als DJ konnte vieles dazu lernen!" (Dimitri Wall, DJ, Germany)


"Alexey is a lovely person, great to work with and a good team player. He is always there to help if you need help." (Maddy Firth, Singer, England)


"Alexey is dedicated to his work and working with him is a real pleasure." (Dejan Nikolic, Drummer, Serbia)



"I am so grateful to have Alexey in the community. He always adds so much to the discussions and shares his expertise." (Mikael Baggström, Composer & Founder of Professional Composers Forum, Sweden)