Who I Am.

My name is Alexey Pavlov. I am a composer, music producer, sound designer and audio engineer from Hamburg, Germany. My passion for music and composing began when I started to play the piano. I was six years old. I was more improving than playing from the sheets. It made me always happy when you play something that never existed before...in theory...;)


What I Do.

I compose, produce and mix music from different genres. All in all it´s about designing the sound. So if you need help in terms of composition, production or mixing music – you can always contact me here.


JLX Music.

Although my name is Alexey, it used to be written as Alexej, so I decided to take out some letters to create my screen name JLX. Because I compose not only soundtracks but as well electronic music, I found it easier for me to have a kind of an artist name when I combine different styles of music – as well for music publishing reasons. So JLX Music is about composition, music production, sound design and of course mixing, otherwise it will sound like something which you won´t listen twice...;)