Why You Should Bounce MIDI To Audio

Just a few days ago, I was looking for my old project-files, which I didn’t touch for almost 8 years. As you might know yourself, you compose or produce something, but too often these ideas just lie on your hard drive – they stay unfinished, due to reasons. Another good topic to discuss actually!


The biggest problem, which could occur, is when you don’t bounce your midi-files to audio on that day. The question is why you need to do it? The answer is fairly simple and logical. I guess, you already experienced this:


You buy a new piece of software for your studio and then you realize that your main system-software needs an upgrade. Even if not, at some point the software companies just stop to support your system, so you are almost forced to upgrade.


If you didn’t check the compatibility of the other software products as well, like sample-libraries or plugins, you can run into serious problems. For example, you don’t have access to your older sound-patches, a specific effect you programmed, or even to your complete session.


Bouncing midi to audio is beneficial in many ways
Bouncing midi to audio is beneficial in many ways

At this point, you are in real troubles. The only way back is to downgrade the major system – if you have ever done this, I guess you don't want to experience this again. It just costs you too many nerves, hours, stress, etc..


But what happens, when you already had your old midi-files printed to audio? Well, even if you have troubles opening your older session, find the right patches, etc.. Now you just open a new session, import your old audio-files and work from there.


Yes, you can’t work with the sounds as you would like. But at the end of the day, it's the best thing, you could have done on that day – even years ago! Of course, you need to make a real system-backup as well!


Tip: If you have a couple of complicated melodies, rhythms, bass-lines, and so forth, export them as midi-files as well! This will save you a good amount of time if you or someone else need them!


If someone says, „Yes, but I haven’t finished my composition, so why should I print my midi-tracks?“. Correct, you don’t have to, but if you compose quite a lot of music or are about to compose more, you will be surprised, how quickly you can forget about a track or two.


At least, this is what I have experienced in over 10+ years of producing and composing. A good rule, in general, is when you believe a midi-track is done, (you didn’t make any changes for quite a while), print it to audio, so you are „safe“ at least with this one – your CPU will be grateful as well! ;)


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