Your project needs music, but you want a custom composition, which wasn't heard before? No problem. I cover a variety of genres and I believe that your desired one is among them. If not, I will tell you instantly, whether I am the right guy to make your dream come true. High quality music is right at your fingertips. Click here to hear some samples of my recent work.

Music is super important to give your project not only a direction, but as well an emotion throughout. However music can't achieve that all the time. So at this point the sound design and foley art jump in. Through imagination I create a second layer of experience. Sound design is as important as music. If you leave it out, you won't grab consumers attention.

I specialise in re-recording musical ideas and instruments. Let's say you recorded an instrument, but it doesn't sound professional to your ears? Ask me, if we can fix that. I have several hundreds of gigabytes of high quality samples from dozens of instruments. The chances are pretty high, that we find something usable together!

A bad mix is, when you hear it once, but never again. A good mix is, when you hear it twice, because you heard, that there is still improvement. An excellent mix is, when you hear it in repeat mode and can't get enough! This is exactly, what I want to achieve with any project on my desk. Pursuit of  joy and pure experience!